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28 November 2007

We oppose the misuse and proliferation of small arms. We support international and national standards for strict gun control.

We support the Mine Ban Treaty banning antipersonnel landmines, and call for the elimination of all weapons that are indiscriminate with respect to civilian populations and leave long-lasting environmental degradation.

We are concerned about the impact of militarism on human psychological and moral functioning, and believe that those under 18 should not be recruited into armed forces.

We consider global military expenditures to be a serious public health issue which not only diverts precious financial, material and human resources from productive to non-productive pursuits but jeopardizes the environment and the prospects for social and economic development of all nations. We support “economic conversion” of armaments industries.

We wish to discourage media violence and war toys that foster violent reactions to conflict, promote callousness to the suffering of others, and cause increased aggressive behaviour. We encourage educational endeavours to promote non-violent conflict resolution.

With respect to ‘nonviolent direct action’ we adopt the Gandhian principle which calls for compassionate dialogue first and where that fails, in an issue of great principle, nonviolent direct action may be considered.

We consider economic sanctions to be a blunt instrument which imposes massive and collective suffering on innocent civilians for the sins of their government. Other forms of economic pressure, such as arms embargo and diplomatic sanctions, should be considered and utilized before economic sanctions are imposed.

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