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28 April 2010

Conference Power Point Presentations:

Zero Nuclear Weapons: the Obama Moment, Honourable Douglas Roche
Nuclear Energy, Power Point Presentation, Dr. Éric Notebaert
Warm Climate, Variable Health and Storm Warning, Dr. Pierre Gosselin
Ecosystem Health, Restoring the Health in Health Care Dr. John Howard
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Dr. Nancy Covington
Greenhouse Gases, Outdoor Air Pollution and Public Health, Dr Stéphane Perron
IRAN – Unwlecome Member to the Nuclear Club, Dr Juan Carlos Chirgwin

Greening Health Care, Dr. Jean Zigby, Part 1
Greening Health Care, Dr. Jean Zigby, Part 2
Saving the Climate and the Foundation of Health with Sustainable Nutrition (local organic farming and why physicians should support it, Dr. Warren Bell ( Part 1)  
Part two
Nuclear Famine , Dr. Jeannie Rosenberg