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26 April 2010

Establishing a Department of Peace

Time to Establish a Department of Peace

Global Response 2010 – Report on Conference, Violent Conflict and Health, Copenhagen, Jan 2010

Joint Statement by Health Groups on Gun Control – April 2010

Small Arms and Light Weapons:

Engaging health professionals in advocacy against gun violence, Dr. Andrew Pinto, Medicine, Conflict and Survival, October 2008
Health implications of small arms and light weapons in eastern Uganda, Dr. Andrew Pinto, Peter Olupot-Olupot and Victor R. Neufeld, Medicine, Conflict and Survival, July-September 2008
Conflict, Poverty, and International Interventions, Dr. Andrew Pinto, Canadian Institute of International Affairs, March 21, 2007

Other articles:

A Proposal for Peace, Dr. Mark Leith, CMAJ, 2 decembre, 2008
Civil Society: The Second Super Power, Dr. Mary Wynne Ashford, PowerPoint presentation, 21 septembre, 2008
The Need for a Peace Process in Afghanistan, Dr. Joanna Santa Barbara M.D., Submisssion to Manley panel, 30 novembre, 2007
Canada’s Role in Afghanistan – A Third Option, Dr. Joanna Santa Barbara M.D., avril 2006
Peak Oil and Peace Movement
Iran Fact Sheet: The Crisis with Iran at a Glance, Médicins pour la survie mondiale, mai 2006
The Crisis with Iran Is it Just About Iran’s Nuclear Capability?, Médicins pour la survie mondiale,  mai 2006