BY pgs-admin
1 March 2008

The Board of PGS is a group of very active people that see themselves as a catalyst group working to amplify their voices by engaging other people and other groups. PGS is always looking for new volunteers and supporters; below you will find some ways you can help. Simply contact us for more information.

If you are a doctor:

  • Join the PGS board
  • Be a contact for PGS in your community
  • Present a PGS PowerPoint at medical rounds in your hospital
  • Mentor a PGS medical student on e-mail or in person
  • Host a donor appreciation event with a PGS speaker

Whether or not you are a doctor:

  • Work on a fund raising event in your community
  • Take materials to your doctor’s office to tell him or her about PGS
  • Donate airline points to help send medical students to IPPNW and PGS international conferences
  • Help write articles about PGS issues
  • Organize a lecture by a PGS speaker in your community