Nuclear Industry


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1 March 2008

Human Health Implications of Uranium Mining and Nuclear Power Generation , Dr. Linda Harvey and Dr. Catherine Vakil, May 2009

Why Nuclear Power in Not Sustainable Presentation by Jim Harding, PhD, March 12, 2009

Nuclear Caribou Article published is Orion Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009, by Mark Downie

Media Release, February 17, 2009

Tritium is being Dumped into the Ottawa River from Chalk River

Medical Isotopes, by Gordon Edwards, PhD 

Refining Versus Enrichement Dr. Gordon Edwards

Real Costs of Nuclear Power Letter to Star Phoenix by Dr. Dale Dewar

German Nuclear Health Study Increased Childhood Cancer near Nuclear Power Plants

Uranium and Breast Cancer , May 2008

Linda Harvey, Uranium Mining Presentation, Prescriptions for Survival Conference, Halifax, 2008

Linda Harvey at PRess Conference Linda Harvey’s talk in Halifax, Sept 2008

Dr. Michael Dworkind at Press ConferencePress Conference, April 21, 2008, Dr. Michael Dworkind

Physicians for Global Survival Calls for Moratorium on Uranium Mining


Why Nuclear is Not Healthy  Jim Harding addresses PGS board

 Jim Harding addresses Physicians for Global Survival

Watch video of Jim Harding discussing his book, Canada’s Deadly Secret

Nuclear Power as a Solution to Global Warming – Research paper by Dr. Natalie Clavel, March 2007

Dr. Eric Notebaert

    Nuclear Energy: A Responsible Choice?

                                                                Dr. Éric Notebaert





Dr. Linda Harvey addresses Ottawa Citizen’s Inquiry, 04/22/08 Dr. Linda Harvey

Letter on Uranium Mining, Dr. Linda Harvey






Dr. Qais Ghanem  to Uranium Citizen’s Inquiry

Nuclear Power in Canada, an Examination of Risks, Impact and Sustainability A Report from the Pembina Institute

Study by Indian Affiliate of IPPNW on Health Risks Associated with Uranium Mining

April 24, 2008 – 5:17pm
The province of British Columbia, CANADA is placing an all-out ban on uranium exploration. A so-called no registration reserve will mean any future mining claims do not include uranium rights.

Nuclear Power Energy Policy, Dr Michael Dworkind

The Genius Doctor Who Diagnosed Nuke Power’s Deadly Disease Harvery Wasserman, The Free Press, September 2007

Nuclear Moratorium, Jack Santa Barbara presentation to Hamilton city council, May 2007

Nuclear Fuel Chain for Light Water Reactors

Buddha weeps in Jadugoda Documents the devastating effects of uranium mining by Uranium Corporation in India Limited ( Part 1 of 6 )