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1 March 2008

Drs. Barbara Birkett, Shannon Wires and Joanna Santa Barbara

Healing our Planet

Physicians for Global Survival, through its engagement with civil society and with a public health perspective, strives to address human needs for sustainable energy, food, housing and livelihoods.

We commit to efforts to prevent the impact of war, militarism and armaments on human health and the integrity of the eco-systems.    We are extremely concerned about worldviews that exacerbate the depletion of the planet’s finite resources and permit the spread of chemicals that poison our soil, water and air. We will work to reduce or eliminate environmental contamination and destruction and encourage practices of individuals and societies that are environmentally sound.

Physicians for Global Survival through its examination of the connections between nuclear weapons and nuclear energy is concerned about global energy sustainability and climate change issues as they relate to public health.  We will work for the phasing out of nuclear power, while supporting efforts toward energy conservation and the development of safer and more sustainable energy alternatives

PGS recognizes the relationship between the problem of climate change, natural resources and energy scarcity, and the prevention of war. In seeking solutions for these problems, PGS will be guided by its dedication to the principles of optimal human health, ecological sustainability and social justice, and avoiding solutions that worsen the risk of war, especially nuclear war.

We will try to ensure that the settings in which we, as physicians, and our colleagues, work, and the way we work, are ecologically responsible.

To this end, PGS works with other like minded organizations such as Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment  CAPE and Canadian Pugwash Group

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