BY Andrea Levy
12 March 2008


Tanzanian Health Minister on Uranium Mining – Health Before Revenues

Fukushima cleanup turns toxic for Japan’s Tepco

No Way to Stop Radioactive Water Leaking into Pacific Ocean

Liquefaction threat adds to Fukushima ills

Japan Official: Fukushima reactor buildings could “topple” — Tepco’s work to change flow of groundwater can form pools below surface that soften the earth



IICPH Written Submission for DGR Proposal JPR hearing -critique of the Deep Geological Repository for the burial of low and intermediate level radioactive waste from Canadian nuclear reactors.
prepared by, Anna Tilman, B.Sc., M.A., Vice-President, IICPH

Supplemental Submission IICPH – by  PGS President, Dr Linda Harvey – genetic effects of long term low level exposures to radioactivity

More submissions to the Canadian Environmental Protection Agency on DGR

7th Annual Ottawa Peace Festival September 21 to October 2
Interview with Shirley Douglas on Nuclear Disarmament

Still Waiting to Ban the Bomb Shirley Douglas in Globe and Mail, Aug 6, 2013

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