BY Andrea Levy
12 March 2008

Tribute to Bill Curry

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Strangest Dream for website 2

The Strangest Dream has been nominated by many people. It was a favorite song of Josef Rotblat and the title of a documentary film about his life.

Eryl Court “I think this is the true classis of peace, because it predicts the triumph of Peace on Earth, and humanity’s role. I am proud that it was the creation of the great Canadian folk singer Ed McCurdy – a great inspiration and incentive for ALL OF US!”

Carol Schwartz  “I feel a bit like someone produced the play list of my life on this page. Most of these songs and their performers are ones I know and love. Many of them have moved me to tears again and again. However, Ed McCurdy’s “Last Night I had the Strangest Dream” takes me back to my earliest childhood. I sang this song with my family, at summer camp, with friends, and later with my partner’s family. The wishes are so basic and universal and still unfulfilled. We need to keep singing it and struggling for peace”

Jeff PikerWhen I was a kid in high school in Cincinnati in the mid ’50s and starting to pay attention to the idea of ‘peace’, this song gave me energy and hope. I know others of my generation for whom it had the same effect. It was a major anthem for peace work.”

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